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Creating the innovators of the future!

Startable is a free program that teaches students ages 13 - 18 entrepreneurial and engineering skills through the design and commercialization of hardware products. Participants build their own businesses, keep all profits from their products, and pitch for prize money at our final event. Startable is 100% virtual and welcoming individual students to apply!

Empowering young entrepreneurs and creating the innovators of tomorrow!

Startable teens gain a wide range of skills through the course of the program and beyond. Participating students will learn product and web design basics from experts in the fields. They gain experience forming equitable partnerships, managing meetings, creating and executing project timelines, and budgeting.

Together participants create prototypes, marketing materials, and sales pitches. They then sell, present, network, and acquire further funding for their businesses. The program culminates in a final community event, where friends and family can see product demonstrations and cheer on the competitors in the Pitch Competition.
All of this amazing work is built on the foundation of community. Working virtually, with many community entities allows for students to continue tapping into local resources and utilize these long after the program ends.
The support students receive during the program includes mentorship, supplies, tools, networking connections, and potentially cash investment. Beyond these, returning students can benefit from internship opportunities and our Alumni in Residence program.

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