The summer of a lifetime

Startable Pittsburgh is a free eight-week summer program in Pittsburgh, PA that teaches students ages 16-18 entrepreneurship and maker skills. Students develop, design, prototype, build, brand, market and sell products of their own creation by partnering with local retailers. Students earn a program stipend and keep all profits from the sale of their products.

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A network of professionals

Courses in entrepreneurship and maker skills are taught by experts from Innovation Works, AlphaLab Gear, and TechShop. Paired with a play-based curriculum from City of Play, it's a perfect balance of work and play as you build your business.

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Innovation Works City of Play

Partnerships with local retailers

Partnerships with local retailers ensure that students have the chance to sell their work with established, well-respected professionals. Check out the retail tracks page to learn more about which tracks are working with which retailers.

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A powerful toolkit

  • Business Plan Development

    Learn to construct a business plan and how to use it to gain funding and build a successful venture.

  • Financial Literacy

    Learn about budgeting, bootstrapping, and managing a bank account from financial experts and banking partners.

  • Marketing

    Conduct market research, use consumer surveys, and take classes on branding and advertising to market work.

  • Maker Skills

    Master the tools such as laser cutting, woodworking, welding, sewing, and screen printing.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Learn advanced skills including: Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Fusion 360, VCarve, 3D Printing, Arduinos, and e-textiles.

  • Design Thinking

    Use a structured design approach to generate and develop ideas.

  • Public Speaking

    Learn the art of presenting an idea, from the initial elevator pitch to presenting a business plan to gain funding.

  • Portfolio Building

    Over the course of the program, create a portfolio of work and learn to craft a powerful resume and cover letter.

  • A Strong Mentor Network

    Access mentors, lecturers, businesses and community members to build a network for recommendations and future career opportunities.


412Build is made possible thanks to the generous support of:

The Helen Ruth Gordon Charitable Trust
PNC Charitable Trusts